Nootropics Aim To Increase Mental Capacity And Clarity

Feb 24 2016

geniux reviewsTo begin with, let’s look at the meaning of these two terms; Nootropics and Cognitive enhancers. They are normally used interchangeably but “Nootropics” normally has a more restrictive definition. It is important to note that all Nootropics are cognitive enhancers but not all cognitive enhancers are Nootropics. Here is the difference; cognitive enhancers are any substances that enhance cognitive functioning such as increasing one’s concentration levels, learning and memory.

However, Nootropics apart from doing the above should be neuroprotective and non-toxic
Other scholars put it this way; cognitive enhancers are a little known class of supplements and drugs that increase the brain’s performance on vital intellectual measurements. They are also known smart drugs and often referred to as Nootropics by scientists.

Examples of True Nootropics

A myriad of natural supplements qualify to be Nootropics, some of these are natural vitamins like vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Some include Taurine supplements which were largely used by traditional herbalists to improve memory. Others such as Geniux is made up of ingredients 100% natural. Geniux has an advanced brain formula that will boost your brain performance by enhancing your ability to focus, thus ensuring a smarter and sharper mind. Green is also said to contain Nootropic compound I-theanine which is known to impart a state of relaxed concentration. So, how do these Nootropics and cognitive enhancers work? Are they both effective and safe?

How Nootropics Enhance the Brain

Nootropics have different ways in which they keep your brain healthy and functioning; these ways largely depend on the type of the Nootropic

– They improve the blood flow to the brain thus increasing the amount of energy, oxygen and other nutrients reaching the brain cells. This is common with Ginkgo rich supplements
– They help build healthy brain cell membranes to facilitate in keeping off invaders like toxins and pathogens; this is best done by Citicoline rich supplements. Others like Huperzine A stimulate the formation of healthy brand new brain cells. It is a compound that is usually extracted from Chinese club moss.
– Herbal Nootropics like curcumin are potent antioxidants that protect sensitive brain cells from free radical damages.
Other Nootropics like Bacopa monnieri balance brain chemicals and reduce cortisol which is the stress hormone
– We have omega 3 fatty acids which are very important in building blocks of brain cells.

Are Nootropics and Cognitive Enhancers Harmful?

It goes without saying that before taking in new substance it is crucial that you know the probable side effects or other health complications that may come with it. As said earlier in this article, in order for any cognitive enhancer to be termed a Nootropics, it should be non-toxic and safe to use. Side effects are not very common with Nootropics and when they occur, they tend to be mild in nature. Most common side effects include fatigue, insomnia and headache which can be combated easily.

With that said, you should, however, purchase these supplements with utmost caution. This is because brain and memory supplements of late have become a very big business and there is little or no regulation of the term “Nootropic” anymore.
So do not take everything you read on the label as the gospel truth. Know all the facts about a particular cognitive enhancer or Nootropic before using it. Remember it’s your brain at stake, your most valuable asset.

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Isagenix and their quest for philanthropy domination

Dec 21 2014

Philanthropy is the hallmark of a great company, and we often measure success by the extent a company participates in charitable giving.

They’re already doing great things product and opportunity wise – as this Isagenix review shows – but they’re more than living well and making money.

Giving to charitable organizations also endears a company to the public eye. It can even help improve an image that needs a little positive PR for a change. For example, we may hate Wal-Mart for creating terrible working conditions and offering cheap products, but it kinda takes the wind out of detractors’ sails when you tell them that The Wal-Mart Foundation, Inc gave almost $19 million to charity last year*.

Or you might criticize drug company Merck for overcharging its customers when you learn they gave almost $43 million to charity in 2012*. It just softens the blow.

Image Control Isn’t the Only Reason to Give

Controlling public opinion by giving away millions isn’t the only reason you’ll find large successful corporations closely aligned with charitable organizations. Tax benefits aside, there are a few more reasons: the founders simply want to give back.

Yes, Virginia, some corporate executives really do give a damn!

Case in point: Isagenix recently gave $100,000 to a children’s charity in Florida. No national fanfare, no press release, just a quiet donation for a company that does good things for the community.

The Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center in Walton County, Florida, was also amazed to receive a $1 million donation from Jim Pierce and family…and herein lies the Isagenix connection.

Why Isagenix Gave $100,000 to a Children’s Charity in Florida

Jim Pierce is a retired exec who made it big during his career. A graduate of the Wharton School of Business and former employee of Ernst & Young, he’s got a pretty impressive resume (for those of you who don’t know, Wharton is possibly the most prestigious business school in the U.S….better than Harvard or the folks at Work Crowd).

Jim’s childhood was marked by frequent moving around, long hours working night shifts during high school, and simply an all-around tough time. As a way of showing appreciation for people who helped him along the way and empathy for kids who need a helping hand, he gave a million to the center.

He also convinced Isagenix to come aboard with their own donation. Why? Because Mr. Pierce was at one time owner and board member of Isagenix, that’s why. He was recruited in 2005 to be the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer.

Throughout the years Mr. Pierce has kept Isagenix close to his heart and remains closely connected with his former employer.

A Health & Wellness Company That Cares About More Than Just Profit

It just goes to show us what kind of company Isagenix really is…compassionate about the world and generous with its profits. $100,000 may not put Isagenix on the list of top 50 corporate donations for they year, but it goes a long way towards demonstrating that this company has a heart.

*Source: The Foundation Center

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